Hello world!

I am a Boston resident in the processes of earning my bachelors degree – Women and Gender Studies (WGS). Apart from interest in this course as it pertains to WGS, my concern is also about how environmental issues affects all women and other marginalized groups.  My experience of living in the city of Boston has opened up my eyes to many injustices in class, race and gender. Businesses profit from poor inner city residents and only pay it forward to the rich.  Therefore, if one cannot afford the better things in life such as food or shelter, you are left out in the cold – literally and figuratively.

MsAfropolitan could be a model of my own work because the site discusses many different components relating to women of color. Some stories the site focused in on was education, beauty, family politics, etc. These areas are not just interesting because they tell a good story but many of them I can relate to; they either were or still are part of my daily reality.  Hopefully reading more about how women of color overcame many adversities, would help me to understand how I might be of help in some way.  Or maybe I can speak up for others who do not have a voice.

reasonandmeaning.com is another site that talks about almost everything and the tabs were extremely informative, which I felt that I can learn a lot from. Some subjects covered were ethics, death, religion, science, politics and each had a mini tab that gave more and more information. This site also struck me because I too am still trying to understand how this world really works. I think we all want the same thing but I also believe that by seeking truth in life we might destroy the beauty in it. I say this based on all of the news in our current climate, we need to figure out a plan to save what is left.